Megalodon shark ancestry

Steven A Alter (UK) Imagine a shark three times the size of the modern Great White  shark charging with reckless abandon into a pod of enormous 30 foot Sperm Whales. The mighty fish opens its gaping jaws and crunches into the side of one of the swimming mammals, slicing through flesh, blubber, ribs, and vertebrae. A single 6˝ long ivory-white tooth is pried loose from the shark’s lower jaw and flutters down to the bottom of the ocean, stained red from the assault. The tooth hits the bottom and soon settles down in the soft mud. The tooth is slowly covered by the sediment until it is deep enough where it is cut off from the water and any oxygen that might creep through. Ten million years later, a diver probes into the bottom of a relatively modern river and uncovers this magnificent tooth, now brown from the minerals that have penetrated it over the years. This tooth, now a fossil but almost as sharp as the day it was lost, becomes a prized possession for the lucky finder who hurries up to the boat to show his friends. This tooth is from the largest predator to ever inhabit the world’s oceans – Carcharocles megalodon. Fig. 1. Carcharocles megalodon. This ancient story relives itself day after day all over the world. Evidence of the megalodon shark can be found in fossilised teeth and vertebrae (even fossilised  whale bones still showing bite marks from the attack) all over the world. The … Read More

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