Improvements to how you can print out our articles

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This editorial is just a short note to explain what Alister has recently been working hard on. That is, he has been improving how readers can print and change the PDF elements of Deposits articles. This was necessary as some systems never supported this.

Alister’s new system is now live and is very powerful. After pressing PDF, Print or Email, you now get the chance to format the article. You can change or increase text size, change image size to reduce printer ink, and delete sections or images from the page.

This feature will be particularly handy for academic use. For example, schools that teach ‘A’ level geology now have classroom access to our website for teaching purposes and can now edit what their students see to create the best environment for learning . Editing what is printed can also be useful if teachers want to use elements of the page for teaching.

Go on, have a go.

And enjoy!

Jon Trevelyan

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