Geo Junkets: New Zealand , North Island (Part 2)

Jesse Garnett White (USA) The Waipoua Forest and Parataiko Range I viewed the tilted volcanic outcrops of early Miocene Waipoua Basalt above the Waimamaku River (Fig. 1), then drove into the small town of Waimamaku. I saw a backpacker standing on the sidewalk thumbing a ride holding a paperback in her left hand. She had freckles, black-rimmed glasses, and long blonde dreadlocks. Unrolling my window as I pulled the vehicle over, she walked up to the car, “Can I put my stuff in the back seat and sit up front with you?”. “Absolutely!” I replied. She tossed her hefty pack inside, hopped into the front seat, looked me directly in the eyes, and asked, “Where are you heading?” Reaching out to shake her hand, I finally managed to reply, “I have no idea! My name is Jesse.” “My name is Clear. I am going into the Waipoua Kauri Forest and then hope to get south of Auckland.” And so it was that we decided to stick together until it was time to part and that is exactly what we did. Fig. 1. Early Miocene Waipoua Basalt above the Waimamaku River. We visited Tane Mahuta (The Giant Kauri Tree) in the Waipoua Forest. Joining a busload of German tourists, we walked through disinfecting stations (Fig. 2) where the soles of our shoes were scrubbed down and sprayed with disinfectant. Fig. 2. Waipoua Forest disinfecting stations. Tane Mahuta was immense (Fig. 3). The girth of the trunk, height and sprawling canopy signified … Read More

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