The Nautilus and the Ammonite

Ken Brooks (UK) This article was inspired by a poem in which an ammonite and a nautilus travel the world’s oceans for millions of years, until they are finally separated by extinction, and is based on a talk I gave on HDGS Members Day, on 18 July 2010. The nautilus and the ammonite The Nautilus and the Ammonite were launch’d in storm and strife; Each sent to float, in its tiny boat on the wide, wide sea of life. They roam’d all day, through creek and bay, and travers’d the ocean deep; And at night they sank on a coral bank, in its fairy bowers to sleep. And the monsters vast, of ages past, they beheld in their ocean caves; And saw them ride, in their power and pride, and sink in their deep sea graves. Thus hand in hand, from strand to strand, they sail’d in mirth and glee; Those fairy shells, with their crystal cells, twin creatures of the sea. But they came at last, to a sea long past, and as they reach’d its shore, The Almighty’s breath spake out in death – and the Ammonite liv’d no more. And the Nautilus now, in its shelly prow, as over the deep it strays, Still seems to seek, in bay and creek, its companion of other days. And thus do we, in life’s stormy sea, as we roam from shore to shore; While tempest-tost, we seek the lost – but find them on earth no more! GF Richardson … Read More

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