Secret life of starfish

Dr Liam Herringshaw (Canada) In every sea, in every ocean,Beasts of freakish locomotionProwl the substrate, seeking preyTo feast on in a monstrous way. Dinner is served. On a plate before you, there is a delicious roast chicken. However, the bird is larger than your head and you have no hands…

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2 thoughts on “Secret life of starfish

  1. I found a small fossil (6-7cms) of a starfish in shingle on my driveway. It’s well defined with a clear set of arms which have two rows of matched tiny bones. However, from where the arms end there is clear evidence of tentacles that extend and whose structure changes to a twin row of single tentacles. (I have a picture of this but couldn’t find a way to upload it.)

    I have tried to match it up to pictures or articles on the internet but have drawn a blank. Can anyone identify this or point me to somewhere/someone that can please? I am not a collector or fossil enthusiast but am curious as to what this is and how old it might be.

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