Thrihnukagigur: An icelandic volcano

Dr Trevor Watts (UK) In 2012, my wife Chris and I booked a volcano tour around the north of Iceland. At the time, it was our third visit to the country, so we knew of extra things we wanted to do. Before joining the group with Volcanic Experiences of Bromsgrove, in the UK (, we decided to have three extra days on our own. An hour on the Internet allowed me to book three unforgettable events. That really is all it took – and, incredibly, every company sent an email confirmation of my booking before the afternoon was finished. Fig. 1. The high point of Eyjafyallajokull’s rim – still steaming and too hot to sit down for long. The first was a 4 x 4 ride and then a three and a bit kilometre hike to the top of the now-famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano – still so hot underfoot that a dog with another group fled howling from the top of the ridge (Iceland Rovers: or second was a two-hour ‘Ice and Fire’ flight over the central part of the island, especially over the multi-coloured landscape of Landmannalaugar, with the campsite right at the edge of a lava flow (Eagle Airline, booked using Nordic Visitor: the third was a trip down inside the emptied-out magma chamber of a volcano – Thrihnukagigur ( And this is the subject matter of this article.Fig. 2. A view in the central highlands of Landmannalaugar, with multi-coloured hillsides, steaming vents, glaciers and a … Read More

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