Palaeocene lagerstätte in France

Dean Lomax (UK) A Lagerstätte is a sedimentary deposit that exhibits exquisite fossil richness, detail and/or completeness, often preserving fine details, including soft parts, which wouldn’t normally be found as fossils. There are two main types of fossil Lagerstätten: concentration Lagerstätten, which simply consists of large concentrations of fossils found…

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2 thoughts on “Palaeocene lagerstätte in France

  1. Hello, I have obtained some specimens that appear to be the heads of a reptile reminiscent of an alligator also some that look to be bird like. Some specimens are large, basketball like size and some are as small as a golf ball. I believe that they are heads because of the shapes, also on the underside of many of the specimens appear to have a mouth with teeth. The underside of the specimens seem to be a lot more easily identifiable with the mouth, teeth, jaw and other bone structures exposed. What I believe to be the top side of these heads appears to be layered with a kind of sediment like a clay or mud making it look like just a regular rock until further examination. With further examining I believe to have found scale patterns, feathers, eye sockets, nostrils and many other identifying features of animals. I am not an expert only a seasoned rockhound and I understand that this may sound unbelievable and that the chances of this being what I think is astronomical, but I cannot ignore the evidence I’ve found… especially the mouths with teeth. I would very much appreciate the chance to talk with and show my specimens to a expert to see if I can identify these specimens. Thank you so much

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