Book review: The Geology of Watchet and its Neighbourhood, Somerset (Geologists’ Association Guide No 66), by Eric Robinson

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Jon Trevelyan (UK)

For a long time Watchet has been known to be a superb location for those interested in both fossils and geology but surprisingly, the location has had little in the way of media attention. However, within the last couple of years, this area has begun to attract a lot of interest and this book will further increase its growing popularity.

Most of the Geologists’ Association guides in this series are extremely detailed, covering not only a large number of localities but also giving in-depth information on localised formations and beds. However, this 66th Geologists’ Association guide disappointingly lacks such detail and could, therefore, have been so much better. The other disappointing aspect of this book is that all maps have been relatively poorly hand-sketched.

Nevertheless, as a short text concentrating on the town of Watchet and examining the coastal geology, local building stones, the geology of Helwell Bay, and for anyone who hasn’t been to the Watchet area before, it still makes for a good read.

The Geology of Watchet and its Neighbourhood, Somerset, Geologists’ Association Guide No 66, by Eric Robinson, The Geologists’ Association, London (2006), 27 pages (paperback), ISBN: 978-0900717604

Available from UKGE: The Geology of Watchet and its Neighbourhood, Somerset

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