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The is a set of TWO Books for the GA Guide No. 74 parts 1 and 2, on the Chalk of the South Downs of Sussex and Hampshire and the North Downs of Kent is now published in two volumes. Volume 1 contains the Introductory scene-setting geology and excursion guides to the East Sussex field sections and the coastal cliffs from Eastbourne to Brighton. Volume 2 takes the geology westwards through the West Sussex South Downs to Hampshire and the western end of the South Downs Way at Winchester and includes all the Kent North Downs itineraries, the Index and references.

The content of the guide has been greatly influenced by requests from GA members including more walks along the main inland river valleys, updates on the geology of the coastal cliffs and inclusion of more measured field sections with illustrations of key fossils. Many also asked for an expanded introductory section explaining the regional and international geological context and an explanation of the applied geology and relevance to engineering geology and hydrogeology. As well as Chalk geology there are very fine exposures of Quaternary geology particularly in the cross-sections of dry valleys between Newhaven and Brighton and the raised beach at Brighton.