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This book will help you to identify, understand, and learn about the fossils encountered while fossil hunting along this stretch of coastline, bringing prehistoric Whitby back to life. It is illustrated in colour throughout, with many photographs of fossil specimens which are held in museums and private collections, in addition to detailed reconstructions of what some of the extinct organisms may have looked like in life

The small coastal town of Whitby is located in North Yorkshire, England, and has been associated with fossils for hundreds of years. From the common ammonites to the spectacular marine reptiles, a variety of fossils await discovery. As well as the more common species, there are also sections on remarkable finds, such as giant plesiosaurs, marine crocodilians, and even pterosaurs. The book provides information on access to the sites, how to identify true fossils from pseudo fossils, and even explains the best way of extracting and preparing specimens that may be encountered. This guide will be of use to both the experienced fossil collector and the absolute beginner. Take a step back in time at Whitby and see what animals once thrived here during the Jurassic Period.