Email GDPR

UKGE/Deposits Magazine/UK Fossils/UKAFH is fully GDPR compliant. When you use our services, you trust us with your data. It is our responsibility to be clear about what we collect and how we use it to make our services work better for you. Your privacy and personal data is important to us. When sending us an email, we will store a copy of your email which contains your name, email and any personal data you choose to send to us. The email is stored on our system until the query has been addressed, then kept as an archive encrypted backup for 10+ years. Whilst we work on your query, we may print your email. That paper copy will be stored until we action your query, or maybe kept up to 10+ years for legal requirements. In the vast majority of cases, and after a 10 year period for legal requirements, we will store the paper copy in a secure shedding bin awaiting Citrus Security Shredding to collect and security destroy that data.

Your email may be replied to out of hours and out of office by a manager who could have a copy of your email and details on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop, this is to ensure we respond to queries as quickly as possible and for urgent questions, we can offer a 7 days a week response time

Depending on the nature of your enquiry, we may store your personal data on our SQL database server in our internal office. Backups are stored on Dropbox, encrypted. We may need to use your details on our web server hosted by One and One Internet to update your account, or WordPress. We do not allow credit card details to be passed via email, we never ask for credit card details, nor passwords, nor sensitive details by

We may need to telephone you to follow up enquiries, or pass your details to couriers such as DPD, Royal Mail or FedEx, in the event we need to follow up enquiries which would include your name, email, address and contact. If your enquiry is technical, we may need to ask our supplier or manufacturer to contact you. We will ask your consent before we pass onyour email, or telephone number in these circumstances.

For UKAFH event questions, your telephone number and details may also be passed to our volunteer leaders should your question be related to a forthcoming or recent event, and may be passed to leaders by MSN messenger, Whatsapp, text message or telephone.

For Deposits Magazine, author related questions and queries may be sent to our outsourced editing team. For photos sent in to us for UK Fossils, Deposits Magazine, Discuss Fossils, and UKAFH, we may use these on any of the sites listed above, together with any of our social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the photos may be used in our magazine for our recent finds page or for use with article. For all printed use of photos, we will always seek your consent.

Photos of body parts of members of our staff may accidentally be taken in photos where we photograph items of stock at your request. Staff of UKGE, volunteers of UKAFH and associated team members and external editors, authors, and suppliers will also see staff names and their work-related email address.

Your email address and personal data entered on this page is never passed to any third party for marketing without your explicit consent, nor do we use your email for any mailing list.