Book review: Mull in the Shaping, by Rosalind Jones

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Jon Trevelyan (UK)

This is a nice little guide by one of our regular contributors. Rosalind specialises in the geology of Scotland and is particularly interested in the island of Mull. (She has written several articles for us concerning different aspects of this lovely Scottish island.)

This short book is about the “shaping” of Mull, that is, its geomorphological processes. (She covered the geology of Mull in an earlier book called “Mull in the Making”.) However, the shape of the land is intimately connected to its rock, so, while she covers the terrible battering the bedrock of Mull has taken over the eons – by glaciers, rivers, chemicals and plants – she also deals with its geology. And this allows her to cover what I suspect is one of her first loves – the sheer natural beauty of the area. For this reason, the guide is full of beautiful, full colour pictures that illustrate both the landscape ideas of the guide and the beauty of the area. This is a nice little guide – get hold of a copy if you can.

Mull in the Shaping, by Rosalind Jones, Craigmore Publications (2012), 40 pages (paperback), ISBN: 978-0953189045

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